Velux Blind + Home Assistant - IOT Project

Velux Blind + Home Assistant - IOT Project

My goal is to create a fully automated blind, with the ability to control it via Amazon Alexa devices and Home Assistant.

In order to do this I will be planning on using:

  • Velux KLI 310 - Solar Blind Controller
  • Wemos Mini D1 Micro-controller (built in Wifi & ESP8266 chip)
  • Home Assistant (for the Alexa integration)
  • MQTT for the communication method between the Wemos & HA

Stage 1 - Adapting the Velux Contorller

First things first. Modify the KIL 310 to be able to control the blind, without pressing the switches.

To do this, you need to solder wires on the 3 contacts on the back of the KIL 310 PCB board. One for the UP command, one for the DOWN command and one for the Common or Ground.

The image below shows the contacts and where they are on the board.

Tip: Make sure you use a flux pen, as geting the solder only on the contact you intend to, could be tricky.

With thanks for this thread, for the pointers on which contacts to use.

NB: Later I intend to make this better, by doubling the wires on each contact, so that I can also read the state of the pins from the Wemos Mini. More on that later...

Stage 2 - Programming the Wemos Mini to open/close

I'll post more when the project is underway...


Stage 3 - Linking with Home Assistant

  - platform: mqtt
    name: Bedroom Velux Blind
    state_topic: "home/cover/bedroom_velux_blind/stat"
    command_topic: "home/cover/bedroom_velux_blind"
    qos: 1
    payload_close: "close"
    payload_open: "open"
    state_open: "open"
    state_closed: "closed"
    retain: true